Brand Trampoline Method

Only a joint analysis of both indexes: Confidence and Credibility can put forward the brand image.
((ICoE x P + ICrE x P’) + (ICoI x p + ICrI x p’)) / (P + P’ + p + p’) = IC²
This formula will help us all along our work together. Each action must be measured through an external and internal view of the company. Each data is weighted to help realizing the importance of one or the other for its project, its client and its coworkers. Weighting will enable the indexes control. The indexes are subjective because they appeal to a feeling that is already oriented by culture, advertising and ever more influencers.
Method = definition of the weightings + calculation + counting of the weak points + recommendation + execution + calculating once again
This indication of Confidence and Credibility condition allow us to note the weak points and bring appropriate solutions to optimize the IC²: marketing tools, business, training, editorials, stylistic, brand content, social skills… We will realize, for you, the actions that will keep the promise to increase the index or we will prepare you to do so.

Confidence Indicator (ICo)

Confidence is what we inspire. This index is the first one we often want to estimate because it seems simpler. Without realizing, we practice it every time we need to take a decision to purchase, to get together or to discuss. Confidence is a real index to help us go toward others. We all have a reference table of this confidence table. It even leads us to use our reptilian brain for example our sense of smell, to define if a product is edible or not. It seems to be quite simple to give a Confidence index for numerous situations.
But be careful, what the method requests is not your personal Confidence index but the other’s. the one that looks at you, that would like to reach you out. You will need to anticipate and put yourself in the other’s place. To do this you will need to be objective to define a subjective index.

Credibility Indicator (ICr)

Credibility is the confirmation of Confidence. This is what we bring out. If confidence allows you to “go to”, Credibility will create the action. Credibility is the feeling that confirms initial Confidence, it tells us we can act. This notion is often underestimated by the brands. They are more focused on developing their brand image, which they do well, to gain Confidence but they don’t reach the contact point, where the Credibility comes into play.
Once we acquired this Credibility, we can rapidly realize that we won’t look the same way at the things we had confidence in.

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