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We prefer the word inspiration to the word training when it is about transferring knowledge.

We are a training centre referenced by Datadock, this allows you to request a financial help from your OPCO, depending on its functioning.

We have a watchword for our inspirations: “you will only take note of the thoughts you will have had for your personal use”. Our training method is oral and illustrated which allows to enlighten everyone on subjects depending on its needs and experience.

So the subject of the inspiration will create actions to carry out in the company, for the prospects and clients or colleagues.

These inspirations aim to people with different experience and hierarchy levels.

The best set up developments, after our inspirations, have been the one initiated by the team and manager that attended to the same session.

“Only the one that knows nothing can learn”

In other word, come with a mind clear of all certainty so you can create tomorrow’s one.

Haptic communication

Do not impose, offer.
How to create and use communication made with gifts, whether it is an object, a clothing item, an accessory or knowledge. The “100% Merci®” search.

To: managers and marketing teams
Duration: ½ day
Price: 990€ ex-Tax for a 4 participants session. 90€ ex-Tax per additional participant (10 max).

Participant approach fees in addition, depending on the training place.

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Prospecting is not selling

How to guide the complete process and tools to prospect. Knowing that the one to prospect is always the one we are thinking of.

To: managers, sales and marketing teams
Duration: 2 days
Price: 1500€ Ex-Tax/day + 150€ Ex-Tax/day per participant (8 max).

Participant approach fees in addition, depending on the training place.


The purpose of a company is to sell, whether it is services or products, the turnover and margin are going through this. To optimize the success rate, we need to search for balance between the two indexes: Confidence and Credibility. After the audit we set up the support about Credibility for a perfect harmony

To: all team members
Duration: depending on the needs and participants number
Price: on demand


Customer relations is not only one-person matter: the salesperson. The content and knowledge are not from just one and only department: marketing.
You know it, we know it, and still, the link between the two areas is often hard to pass. So we set up market[selling] workshops for two reasons:

  1. The fireman effect: if I tell a close relation to come down of a tree because it is too dangerous and that I am not an expert, I will be the fearful and annoying person and I won’t be listened to. On the other hand, if a fireman tells the same thing, because it is a third person, of its outfit, its image and so its credibility will allow the message to be heard, followed and obeyed.
  2. The client must listen to a unified speech to have confidence and everyone in a company must know and manage this speech. This can only be done when projects are created together and not imposed by one or another.

To: managers, sales and marketing teams
Duration: 1 and ½ day (1/2 day of discussion with the directors and 1 day with the teams)
Price: 2500€ Ex-Tax for the Workshop + 150€ Ex-Tax per participant (8 max).

Participant approach fees in addition, depending on the training place.

If you want to do as everyone else, let them do

Speaking out, choosing the strategy, support its co-workers are often based on given principles. But few are directors that take enough time to adapt these principles to their own personality, market or even history. So this is about taking necessary distance not to do as everyone but to include everyone’s personality.

To: directors
Duration: depending on the needs and number of participants
Price: on demand

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