Your brand image begins with this formula

((ICoI x P + ICrI x P’) + (ICoE x p +  ICrE x p’)) / (P + P’ + p + p’) = IC²


Confidence is what we inspire.
Confidence enables you to go toward others.
Confidence keeps us alive.

How much do we have confidence in your brand?


Credibility is what you emanate.
Credibility enables to go with the others.
Credibility is the confirmation of trust.

What Credibility would you give to your brand?

Your brand image and your employer brand are two strategical points to reach your goals, and most frequently to sell.

We developed, for you, a priority method to optimize your goals and your relation to others.

We first set up the Confidence and Credibility Observatory.

Only a combined analysis of the two indexes: Confidence and Credibility allows to report what your company inspire to others and if each contact point with the others confirm it, are you credible?

We use a formula to track the Confidence and Credibility Indexes with your clients, prospects, partners, suppliers for the external environment and your coworkers for the internal environment. Everything is then moderated depending on your perspective.

((ICoI x P + ICrI x P’) + (ICoE x p + ICrE x p’)) / (P + P’ + p + p’) = IC²

The result of this observatory will allow us to note the area for improvement and to give appropriated solutions thanks to the B.M.S (Branding, Marketing, Selling)

The image we have of ourselves doesn’t always correspond to the image others have.

It’s the same for a company and what it conveys to others. It’s even more true as a company is a whole. The image is conveyed by its humans, its communication, its tools, its websites, its social networks, its financial results, its place, decoration and even more.

Our Observer position will allow us to define if there’s a link between the wanted image and the one perceived. Be careful we don’t only pay attention to the sacred clients, because even if it’s important, it shouldn’t hide the perception your suppliers, your partners and mostly our coworkers have.

The Observatory is organized as the following:
For a target (client/Prospect or Partners or Suppliers or Coworkers) on a specified goal:

½ day exchange with you to understand your goals and define the elements to track.
1 day of study with our team, specialized per skill.
½ day to report and give our B.M.S recommendation that can be developed by our teams or not.
Pricing: 2990€ excl. tax
Not including approach fees

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The word Branding will take into consideration brand image and employer brand because in both cases, it must: INSPIRE CONFIDENCE

Our approach, after the Observatory, is to work on the visual elements that are the closest to your target and on a maximum number of contact points.

We measure actions thanks to R.O. the Return On. ROA, ROE et ROI.

In the Branding part we will focus on the ROA, Return On Attention and so have a strategy with you that is orientated towards attracting and capturing attention to bring it to ROE, Return On Engagement. ROE can be obtained with Marketing. Finally, ROI, Return On Investment is generated by Selling.

Here, we will implement our studios to develop your visual identity, your brand content and everything that will allow your contacts to identify your brand.

As explained in the Branding part, our Marketing division aims to optimize ROE, your target’s strength of commitment.

Which mechanic will give your target the will to come to you and know more about you? How to give him the impression that he is totally free to choose and that his approach is normal and unrestrainedly.

Here, it’s the commitment notion and the deletion of doubts and distrust.

It is also in this pole that we establish, with you, the different tools that your salesforce will have. It can be human, physical, or digital.

All team members must speak the same language, it is essential to create Confidence and Credibility. We set up Market[SELL]ing® workshop to build a common strategy between sales teams and marketing teams and then shatter barriers and clichés. “Without Sales Department, nobody would have salary”. “ Yes but without marketing you wouldn’t have anything, and if you have nothing, if you have nothing, you have nothing to sell.”

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Oh, joys of Anglicism! We use a lot as many of us, but we want to use them with exactitude. It is quite common to hear the word “Sales” that corresponds to the Sales Teams or the act of selling itself.

In this part we do not use this word because we think it is too restrictive and mostly it does not fit to the wide range of know-how and interpersonal skills needed when it comes to the art of selling.

We prefer the word “selling” which goes from learning how to sell to the products and services knowledge, but also from using marketing tools to the mastering of technics and methods of market research that will lead to selling in the end.

Selling requires a before, during and after. We develop tools with you, we train teams to know how to explore markets and to sell. Then, we highlight the results with you. At this moment we use the ROI, Return On Investment. Because all the investments are here to serve the success in selling.

We are a training centre referenced by Datadock, it means that you can request financial help to your OPCO, depending on its functioning, for our Inspirations trainings.

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We created Brand Trampoline because we believe that the brand image cannot be studied otherwise than through Confidence and Credibility lenses. Then we had to create a method based on these 2 indexes that could help us to track, convert and confirm the quality of operated changes. When calculating IC² we can find answers.

To do all this, Brand Trampoline team developed distribution structures for foreigncompanies, handled marketing for international luxury and beauty brands, worked in the entertainment environment, increased a franchise network or built/bought companies to master the satisfaction measurement for clients and coworkers, pilot websites, designed mainstream products and even more each time a new team member arrive.

The common feature between all these activities is that we have the necessary perspective to measure the Confidence and Credibility indexes to define your IC² and give you recommendation through our field of action:

Brand strategy — + — Obsession customer centric

Content creator — + — Content is king

Differentiation concepts — + — Smarketing

Styling bureau — + — Globe-trotter

Datadock certified training programs — + — Culture inspirationnelle

Speaking out — + — Actors studio

Employer brand — + — Nudge addict

Your brand image reflects in what you are and what you do. When it comes to relationship with others, social skills or corporate culture, think internally and externally. Each action of the company is analyzed with KPI’s that are specific to what’s being measured but rarely correlates to one another. Which data can define at the same time if the performed work has a positive impact on the company and on the client, on its brand image and its employer brand?

As we always explain, a company can only sell if the confidence it inspires is good enough to attract customers. And also if the Credibility it conveys demonstrates soundness of this confidence. We called it IC².

To have good IC² and create sales, it is crucial that marketing and sales teams work together in a joint Market[sell]ing position.

To formalize all this and make all the commercial actions efficient and guide the marketing ones, we created the Watson-store. For your mobile apps, you know the Apple Store or the Google Play Store, now you have the Watson-store for your commercial and marketing tools. The aim is that in one only store, usable from a computer or a mobile, everyone can get to know and share all the information. Imagine your Salesperson share from his phone, during an appointment, the very last special issue published for your business area or product to his client.

Totally customizable, you liven it up with your content. We can also create this content for you, as well as the organization and administration of your Watson-store.

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PS: Watson-Store, as the Dr Watson, loyal friend of the hero who saves his life.

Communicating, developing content, creating concepts, or even deploying market research tools fitting to today’s marketing are expensive actions.

Depending on the markets and especially the most competitive ones, it can be very profitable to create a Society. It means mutualizing the investments to give us the possibility to have answer to all your needs.

To give you an example, we created a Society in a competitive area in which more than 2500 companies claiming they sell the same thing. Skills, means, knowledge, size of all these companies are totally different. Therefore, having a very selective numerus clausus in this area associating their suppliers, we created their Society.

I this Society, each company benefits from tools that they wouldn’t have access to without it, such as a customizable 116 pages annual magazine including augmented reality, a web application with all marketing and commercial tools that we realize, training, special deals with their suppliers, shows and even more.
Mutualization makes Differentiation possible and it leads to exclusivity.

You want to create your Society in your business? Chose your time for a phone appointment ->

Apart from inspiration and content are substance but the form is especially important too. We cannot write the same way for a journalist, a client, Google’s algorithm. We do not write the same also depending on the media we use whether it is a magazine, a webpage, a press release or an ESR report. In our team, we have writers specialized in making in-depth researches concerning in-progress subjects. Our experts can then ensure the sources and write with the correct tone. Our editor-in-chief is certified as Expert of the Voltaire Project.
Our offers: content, marketing, storytelling, special issue, magazine, book.

Graphic design is here to highlight, to get everyone to understand rapidly and to catch attention. In communication it can be used at different steps and it requires to be homogeneous. With this studio we practice pure graphic design, meaning we have a global view of your actions to focus exclusively on the visual work. The writing studio and graphic studio combined can create ready-to-read magazines, special editions.
Our offers: brand identity, demo, graphic creation.

Technology is on all social networks and in many reports. Often, it requires great skills, but it is not always fitting all professional areas. Our process is to track weak signals to monitor the technologies than can be adapted to our clients’ activities. One of these technologies is Augmented Reality that we brought to differentiate actors of some markets and give solutions to make medias always up to date.


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