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la formule Brand Trampoline
Confidence & Credibility


Confidence is what we inspire.
Confidence enables you to go toward others.
Confidence keeps us alive.


How much do we have confidence in your brand?



Credibility is what you emanate.
Credibility enables to go with the others.
Credibility is the confirmation of trust.


What Credibility would you give to your brand?




We created Brand Trampoline because we believe that the brand image cannot be studied otherwise than through Confidence and Credibility lenses. Then we had to create a method based on these 2 indexes that could help us to track, convert and confirm the quality of operated changes. When calculating IC² we can find answers.


Brand Trampoline’s team developed distribution structures for foreign companies, handled luxury and beauty international brands’ marketing operations, worked in entertainment. We also deeply increased a franchise network, created or took over companies that allowed us to master client and coworkers satisfaction measurement. We managed websites, designed general use products and even more with each new recruit.
All those different activities have in common that we never or rarely look at the brand and its image through Confidence and Credibility lenses.


Your brand image reflects in what you are and what you do. When it comes to relationship with others, social skills or corporate culture, think internally and externally. Each action of the company is analyzed with KPI’s that are specific to what’s being measured but rarely correlates to one another. Which data can define at the same time if the performed work has a positive impact on the company and on the client, on its brand image and its employer brand?

Nous pour vous

Brand strategy — + — Customer centric obsession
Content creator — + — Content is king
Concepts de différenciation — + — Smarketing
Style agency — + — Globetrotter
Datadock certified training program — + — Inspirational culture
Speaking out — + — Actor studio
Employeur branding — + — Nudge addict


About Confidence and Credibility, one cannot go without the other. But we could think that one can supplant the other. Beneath these two words, you can find another that is the beginning of any action: inspires our creative process to generate this emotion.

Case Studies

B2B2B Tools

We created Marketing tools for XD Design, creator of the well-known Bobby backpack, to transfer knowledge to their clients’ clients. It required specialized tools depending on the target audience.

Trade Store

We gathered knowledge and tools of more than 70 companies, member of a network, in a Webapp. So market research and offer are digitized to optimize reactivity.


We installed and developed the brand image in France for the world Finnish leader so the material and technologic choices of measurement devices could be explained.


To assure the brand image of the first promotional object agency, we produced a magazine with marketing and inspiring content. 116 pages magazine with augmented reality aiming to develop and ensure customer loyalty.

Brand activation

Creating sale mechanism, support tools for brand recognition and improving the supply chain management for the French Corporate department of a Swedish group.

Social skills

Train sales teams to not sale the same way anymore but to teach their distributors who are messengers instead. Workshop sessions or behavioral inspiration for Cybernecard, distributor of European brands.

Case Studies

Content Factory

Deploying an image of content, technical nature and knowledge based on traditional products catalogs for a major European Textile brand aiming to an experienced audience.

Commercial inspiration

Two staged days to learn how to sell and introduce products to 20 suppliers. More than 120 members on the first B2B connection platform benefit from these Business Meetings.

Employer brand

Marketing the internal human resources project based on the co-worker’s satisfaction to obtain approval and encourage investment.

Augmented Reality

Developing an innovative solution to enhance a different way to communicate because some markets are so competitive that credibility is suffering. Augmented reality is a solution.

Styling Bureau

Styling Bureau for a French network of more than 70 companies. Anticipate, detect and analyze future trends to highlight the graphic creation and process of products design.


Operational development of the B2B circular economy concept Ubicuity™ for BIC. Adaptation of the “Petit stylo deviendra banc” tools and strategic support on the following themes: eco-conception, recycling and CSR.


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